7 Best Anti-fraud Software of 2022

best anti-fraud software

Anti-fraud software is a helpful tool for your businesses to detect and prevent fraud. 

The best anti-fraud software should be able to detect suspicious activity on your website, email, or mobile app in real time. 

It should also have the ability to provide you with actionable data that can help you decide on how to proceed with the case.

A business needs anti-fraud software to help them avoid losses, minimize risk, and protect its brand.

With the increase in online transactions, online shopping, and online banking, it has become increasingly essential to have anti-fraud software to protect your customers.

This article will discuss the best fraud management systems you can use to prevent fraud.

What Are The Best Anti-Fraud Software?

By the end of this guide, you should have a much clearer idea as to which best fraud monitoring tools will be the most appropriate for your needs.

1. Kount.


Kount has been a top player in the e-commerce space for quite some time. 

Its digital fraud and insights solutions allow businesses to identify good customers and fraudsters, assess risk, and provide new growth opportunities. 

They’re also focused on providing insights for the future, which will keep you ahead of your competition. 

Kount’s AI provides instant detection and helps prevent fraud. 

Assess potential risks that are likely to occur in your business. Understand your good customers and who is expected to be a fraudster. Identify the commonalities among these two groups and take action accordingly and put a stop to potential fraud.


  • Prevent digital payments fraud
  • Deflect disputes and chargebacks
  • Protect against account takeover (ATO)
  • Lower fraud costs
  • Automate transaction decisions
  • Reduce false positives and friction
  • Enhance customer insights
  • Improve policies and operations


# Kount’s Pricing depends on your business requirement.

2. ClickGUARD.


Google Ads is one of the most powerful tools in your marketing arsenal. However, they are also a target for fraudsters.

ClickGUARD is a Google Ads protection solution that enables you to identify and block fraudulent clicks on your ads without using any software.

ClickGUARD is a product that helps companies generate leads, grow brand awareness, and increase their overall sales. 

It is an intelligent software that collects, analyzes, and organizes client data to help maximize conversion.

ClickGUARD is the industry’s most successful anti-click fraud and clicks farm detection service, using proprietary AI-based technology to identify suspicious clicks automatically.

It’s the only fraud detection platform with tools like click risk score, click audit, and ad rank report that allows you to find out how many clicks on your ads were fraudulent or low quality.


Google Ads shield

  • Click frequency protection
  • Invalid click protection 
  • Target frequency protection
  • Time-on-site protection
  • Conversion based protection
  • Click intensity protection

Intelligent Protection

  • Proxy and VPN detection
  • Bot detection
  • Campaign level protection
  • AdGroup level protection
  • Keyword level protection
  • Device-level protection
  • Geo-location protection
  • IP range level protection
  • Threat level classification

Forensic Reporting

  • Forensic reports
  • IP address and IP range reports
  • Keyword click reports
  • Placement source reports
  • Device tracking reports
  • On-demand CSV export
  • Scheduled summary reports
  • Click quality reports

Automated Optimization

  • Set search campaign click cap
  • Set display campaign click cap
  • Organic traffic monitoring
  • Pausing campaigns
  • Ad placements allowlist
  • IP address allowlist
  • Custom duration exclusions
  • Manage audiences of converters

Advanced Customization

  • Website platform integrations
  • WordPress plugin
  • Email and Slack notifications
  • Custom flagging
  • Aliases tags


3. Sift.


Sift is the best fraud detection software that enables businesses to detect and prevent fraudulent activity.

Sift’s proprietary algorithm can detect anomalies in transactions, which can be used as an early warning system for fraud prevention.

In a world where cybercrime has become more prevalent, businesses need to have tools at their disposal to combat these threats. As technology advances, these tools will become more sophisticated and effective in detecting fraudulent behavior.

It’s secure at scale and helps prevent account takeover, payment fraud, scam content, and chargebacks. These can destroy your brand’s integrity and your business.

If you want to make a change or ensure your site is as safe as possible, it’s worth chatting with the team at Sift.


  • Introduce trusted users into your business and accept more sales with confidence. This will help you become more lucrative and grow faster.
  • Proactively blocking fraudsters with unparalleled accuracy comes from AI.
  • Reduce the use of manual review, automate actions, and find more insights about your business
  • Sift is a network of easy and quick integrations that enables your business to safeguard all user interactions and optimize growth.
  • Sift Console is an imposing piece of software that enables deep-dive investigations and easily automates risk-based dynamic user experiences.
  • Sift understands digital threats and supervises progress fully. They also provide a lot of information on managing risks as well.


Schedule a consultation with Sift to discuss your specific needs and professional possibilities. They have Pricing that is tailored to your needs.

4. Emailage.


Emailage is a fraud detection software for email marketing.

Best anti-fraud software helps businesses to detect spam and identify fraudulent emails.

Email marketing has become a popular communication channel. With its effectiveness in reaching out to potential customers, businesses need to be aware of any possible frauds that can come with this channel.

Emailage anti-fraud monitoring software provides a comprehensive solution to tackle the growing threats of email fraud and spam.

Businesses can use this tool as an effective solution for their email marketing campaigns by checking if their emails are being delivered successfully or not and identifying any suspicious activities in their inboxes.


  • Fraud Detection: Using machine learning algorithms, Emailage can identify emails that are likely to be fraudulent. It also uses behavioral analytics to identify suspicious emails.
  • Prevention: Emailage can detect spam emails before they reach your inbox. It also detects spam content in your inbox, so you don’t have to worry about them getting through.
  • Compliance: Emailage can help you comply with GDPR by automatically identifying personal information from incoming emails.
  • Using the most advanced technology, it provides the best solution to detect and stop email fraud.
  • The software is used for other purposes like content marketing, customer engagement, lead generation, etc.
  • Emailage’s solution helps businesses detect and prevent fraud while boosting their marketing strategies.


Schedule a consultation with Emailage to discuss your specific needs and professional possibilities. They have Pricing that is tailored to your needs.

5. NICE Actimize.


The NICE Actimize platform is a new way to fight back against criminals. It combines high-tech technology, cutting-edge AI, and human-led analysis to provide clients with a holistic approach. 

Best anti-fraud software provides compliant organizations valuable insight into the latest compliance regulations and information that helps prevent cybercrime. At NICE Actimize, we take fraud prevention very seriously. 

That’s why NICE Actimize created IFM-X, an industry-leading integrated fraud management platform. 

With IFM-X, customers can now manage the entire lifecycle of their fraud risk from initial detection to investigation and beyond with a single platform.


  • The NICE Actimize AML platform provides many benefits, such as AI and machine learning for better and more efficient anti-money laundering processes.
  • FMS offers a wide range of solutions that any organization can use.
  • A user-friendly interface that helps users quickly find suspicious activities and take action.
  • The ability to analyze large amounts of data quickly allows for the faster detection of anomalies.


Schedule a consultation with NICE Actimize to discuss your specific needs and professional possibilities. They have Pricing that is tailored to your needs.

6. F5 Distributed Cloud Bot Defence.


F5 is the first company to provide a distributed cloud bot defense system that protects against new types of cyber attacks.

Best anti-fraud software helps companies to detect, investigate, and respond to cyber security threats.

The F5 Distributed Cloud Bot Defence (DCBD) platform allows organizations to detect, investigate, and respond to all cyber security threats. 

The CBD platform has been designed with two key features:

1) The ability to identify attacks at scale by detecting patterns across an organization’s network traffic.

2) The ability of organizations with different levels of threat detection capabilities to share intelligence and collaborate on investigations.


  • Increased account takeovers impact customer trust
  • Advanced bots mimic humans to avoid detection
  • Bots easily bypass standard controls
  • SecOps cannot keep up with rapid bot retooling
  • Stay ahead as criminals retool
  • Highest long-term efficacy
  • Bot management your way
  • Protection across APIs and web and mobile apps
  • ML and behavioral analytics

Distributed Cloud Bot Defense Use Cases

  • Credential Stuffing
  • Fake Accounts
  • Scalpers / Inventory Hoarding
  • Scraping
  • Gift Card Attacks


7. Ekata.


Ekata is a company that uses its proprietary AI technology to fight fraud.

Ekata focuses on combing through data, analyzing patterns, and offering, insights that can reduce friction, improve conversions, and combat fraud.

Ekata Identity Engine uses sophisticated data science and machine learning to create our identity networks.

These networks are created from de-identified datasets from their website and combine different data types to ensure they’re not missing any information. AI-driven datasets are valuable because they allow businesses to make accurate risk decisions about their customers.

They provide unique insights and help make their business run more smoothly.


  • Ekata can be easily integrated with other software platforms and has been proven by many organizations.
  • Ekata can detect frauds before they result in a chargeback.
  • Make better decisions and approve more good transactions.
  • You can use Ekata to prevent fraud without slowing down the flow of your business.


Schedule a consultation with Ekata to discuss your specific needs and professional possibilities. They have Pricing that is tailored to your needs.

What Is the Best Anti-Fraud Software?

Best Anti-fraud software is a type of software that can detect and prevent fraud. 

It is also known as an anti-fraud solution or fraud detection software.

Best Fraud Management Systems are the most advanced anti-fraud tools in the market today. 

Best anti-fraud software provide a comprehensive solution for all frauds and offers solutions for every industry vertical.

Fraud Detection Software helps businesses identify fraudulent transactions before they happen. Fraud Detection Platforms are designed to catch fraud in real-time, catching perpetrators before they can take advantage of their actions.

There are many different types of fraud detection solutions available in the market. Some are designed for specific industries, while others are general-purpose tools used across various industries.

Features Of Best Anti-Fraud Software

Fraud detection software is a tool that helps to detect fraud in transactions. The software helps companies review, analyze, and respond to potential fraud.

The best fraud management systems will have a wide range of features that make them easy to use and customize for your needs. 

  • Detection of fraudulent transactions
  • Intuitive interface for easy use
  • Aids in detecting and preventing fraud
  • Automated response system for frauds
  • They also provide integration with other systems like CRM or ERP so you can manage all your data from one platform.

Anti-fraud software – Summary

A fraud detection tool is a tool that can be used by businesses to detect fraudulent activities on their website.

Many tools in the market can help businesses detect fraud. One of the most popular tools is anti-fraud software. 

best anti-fraud software detects fraudulent activities such as credit card theft, spam, and email phishing.

Fraud detection software has been used by companies for a long time and has helped them fight fraud and protect their websites from being hacked. 

The best fraud management system will help your business stay one step ahead of hackers by providing real-time protection from security breaches.

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