7 Best Invoicing Software for Small Business (Free and Paid).

best invoicing software

For small businesses, invoicing is a complicated process.

It requires a lot of time, and it can be time-consuming to follow all the steps and have the best possible results.

However, this is not the case at all.

You can always use an invoice software generator to manage your invoices quickly and easily.

Invoices software will save you money and time because it will help you to create invoices that are easy to follow, concise, and offer accurate data.

These days there is no excuse for under-invoicing. Clients who don’t pay you on time will be stuck paying you in full. If they make a mistake and don’t pay you, you can make them pay it back by using Invoice Wizard to create an invoice for the exact amount to make things right. 

You may find that there are different types of invoices or even bills depending on what kind of service you received.

You can either create an invoice to refinance your home or use the W-9 form if you are paying for bills and taxes if it is a business.

In this article, we’ll go over some of the best invoicing software out there so that you can find the one that’s perfect for you.

Let’s get started.

What is the best invoicing software?

By the end of this guide, you should have a much clearer idea as to which best invoicing software will be the most appropriate for your needs.

1. FreshBooks.


With FreshBooks best invoice app, you can easily create custom invoices for your clients.

You add extra information to your invoices in just a few clicks, like location fees, service fees, and more.

FreshBooks invoice management software is a web-based invoice and payment management system that allows you to manage your multi-brand activities effortlessly. 

With the FreshBooks invoice program, you can easily consolidate your multi-brand, multi-entity activities in one centralized system to eliminate complexity, save time and simplify operations.

This small business invoicing software allows users to add extra information to invoices, receipts, or vouchers. This platform offers excellent features such as easy payment options, pricing data, and more.

Key Feature 

  • Sticky invoice templates help the user to create invoices with ease. The invoice templates have been designed so that if the recipient attaches any documents, they can be sticky and easily read by the recipient. 
  • The attractive interface has been developed in such a way as to be user-friendly. It also supports Mac, PC, and Linux operating systems so that it will work regardless of your operating system. 
  • Automate your accounting systems to save on bookkeeping. Automatically sync data between your back office and accounting systems.
  • The traditional invoice process is laborious and slow for small businesses. Using FreshBooks invoices software, you can run queries on invoices and get instant insight into your business operations. This can help you to get more timely data and improve the efficiency of your business.
  • FreshBooks is cloud-based invoicing software that helps you to create invoices and manage your expenses easily. You can customize your invoices with the help of tools available on the FreshBooks website.
  • The FreshBooks invoice templates are all in line with the company’s business model of creating value for clients and as such, have streamlined the billing process so that there is minimum friction.
  • software invoicing helps you manage your invoicing, billing, and paying processes from one central place.


  • Lite: $4.50 per month.
  • Plus: $7.50 per month.
  • Premium: $15.00 per month.
  • Select Custom Pricing.

You can TRY IT FREE, and you can cancel your subscription anytime.

2. QuickBooks.


QuickBooks is a business invoice software; You can track sales, create and send invoices, and know how your business is doing at any time. This enables you to manage your business efficiently.

Millions of people use QuickBooks Accounting Software to manage their business. It helps them to keep track of their finances and meet financial deadlines. 

It has a simple user interface that makes the software easy to use. QuickBooks online invoicing software also offers valuable features such as Online Bill Pay, Auto Pay, and various other accounting tools like Ledger Viewer, Statement Auditor, Tax Advisor, etc.

Key Feature 

  • The integration with the QuickBooks system is necessary to ensure a successful and smooth business integration.
  • The new report-building feature of QuickBooks is compelling. It allows you to create a customized report in a matter of minutes. You can customize the report, schedule it, and send it to specific people.
  • QuickBooks is a popular small business invoice app. It provides an easy-to-use accounting system for small businesses, with robust features and powerful reports.
  • The QuickBooks products are made to integrate into existing apps, and they can be used to enhance your marketing campaigns, create new apps and build new features in existing apps.


QuickBooks’ best invoice software offers four simple pricing plans:

  • Simple Start: $12.50 per month.
  • Essentials: $25 per month.
  • Plus: $40 per month.
  • Advanced: $90 per month.

3. Xero.


The Xero invoicing software for small businesses is one of the best invoice software available on the market. 

It is an excellent tool for small and medium-sized businesses. 

It helps you to create and process invoices, generate sales reports, manage payments, and much more. 

The Xero invoice software for small business has a straightforward interface that is easy to understand. Xero online invoice software that accurately captures the values and details of your work. 

The mobile app instantly creates PDF files with a follow-up email message to the relevant party. Capture all online invoices in one place so you can seamlessly invoice clients as they do business with you today!

Key Feature

  • Customize your online invoices: Customize your invoices with your logo, add images, text, and more. Save time by using the same templates as clients.
  • Accept payments instantly: When a customer asks for your product or service, they expect to be able to pay you. That’s why it’s essential to offer them the option of paying you in various currencies and with various payment methods. Value-added service is usually offered as part of a more significant purchase, such as when customers buy an on-demand delivery or subscription service.
  • Set automatic reminders: The Automated Payment Reminder System will make you much less stressed about chasing and accepting payments. It will remind you of your recurring monthly payment on short notice so that you don’t have to go hunting for the payment reminder.
  • Invoice Send: software for invoices is a handy application that allows users to send invoices and receipts directly from their mobile devices.


  • Starter: $22 per month.
  • Standard: $35 per month.
  • Premium: $47 Per month.

You can Try Xero for free, cancel with one month’s notice, and Xero has 24/7 online support.

4. Zoho Invoice (Free).


Zoho Invoice is a fully-featured free invoicing software that helps you manage your invoices, bills and payments; easy-to-use that helps you create professional invoices. 

It supports invoicing, billing, payments and analytics to enhance the management of your business. 

Zoho free invoice software and secure online invoice management software.

You can easily manage your clients and employees in one place. 

Zoho invoicing software small business offers an extensive list of features to simplify your invoice management. With this software, you can create invoices, automate billings, track payments and do more.

Key Feature

  • Customize your invoice templates: small business invoices are a sales tool to assist you with meeting sales targets. You can extend your brand from your website to your invoices for a consistent, professional image.
  • Invoice in multiple currencies: It allows you to import invoices, which can be converted to different currencies, with multi-currency billing support.
  • Communicate in your customer’s language: Zoho Invoice is the leading invoice reader that supports 10+ languages. It is used in any language a customer might have to send an invoice.
  • Schedule invoices: small business invoice makes it easy to send out invoices. You can enter an email address and a date, and Zoho Invoice will send the invoice to your customers.
  • Schedule recurring invoices: Create recurring invoices for transactions at regular intervals, so you don’t have to create them individually every time.
  • Invoice by snail mail: Send hard-copy invoices to customers who prefer invoicing on paper. 


Zoho’s best invoicing software is a free product. 

5. Wave (Free).


Wave has been helping small and medium-sized businesses in managing their invoices. 

Wave is a free best small business invoicing software that helps you save time, get paid, and make managing customer information stress free. 

The small business invoicing application is compelling and easy to use. You can even manage invoices on your iPad with the free version. 

You can use this free invoice program to create, print, and export your invoices. Just one click, and away you go! You have the power of Wave to manage your company’s accounts for you so that it’s easier for you to do your job and do it more efficiently. 

If you want to take your cross-channel marketing strategy to the next level with Wave, this is the right time for you. With Wave, your experience will only get better with every passing day!

Key Feature

  • Every invoice paid means more revenue coming into your small business. Create and send professional invoices to your customers in seconds.
  • Re-use your customers’ payment credentials to receive their recurring billing on time automatically. Automated billing is the future. It is not about billing manually but about automating and integrating billing functions to keep a constant pace with your business.
  • small business billing software is becoming a vital part of any business. However, it is usually time-consuming and cumbersome to create an invoice. Create invoices quickly and easily with the help of a Wave assistant.
  • Keeping all your invoices and payments in sync with one another is essential. It’s a hassle to check each invoice manually, and you can lose track of what order payments were made to which account. Wave will keep all your invoices and payments synced with our free invoicing software.
  • You have tons of data on your customers and their relationship with them. You can view every transaction with these customers, including invoices, payments, etc.


It is available for free.

6. Intacct.


Intacct invoicing for small businesses is a complete solution for all your accounting needs, whether you require invoicing, accounting software, or even using the Intacct platform for your business.

It’s cloud-based accounting software that helps you do everything and automate the process of invoicing and accounting. 

It also helps you to connect with your clients over the internet.

It is multi-lingual accounting software designed to automate the entire process of invoicing and payments. It helps accounting teams reduce their time and manpower by automating the entire process of invoicing and payments.

Key Feature

  • Intacct Invoices for small business has been designed to assist the invoice in establishing and controlling access to financial information during transaction processing.
  • Intacct best billing software for small businesses is a great way to save time and money and ensure accuracy. It helps in processing invoices without any manual input or extra work for the business. It also provides real-time system management.
  • Intacct best Invoicing software can translate into lost revenues, quality issues, and faster delivery time.
  • The best invoicing software suite is designed to be simple, accessible, and easy to use. It offers a highly functional and easy-to-use user interface. Its dashboard is highly customizable, and you can create shortcuts for almost any task.


  • Intacct has Custom pricing plans that better work for you. It is available on request. 

7. Brightpearl.


Brightpearl is the leading billing software for small businesses or any business. This software helps you track and manage your invoices, sales, and the cost of goods sold. 

The Brightpearl small business invoice software team brings in-depth knowledge of accounting, so you can focus on what matters most, your business.

Brightpearl is feature-rich, easy-to-use accounting software that makes money tracking simple and exciting. 

It has multiple features such as a real-time accounting window, QuickBooks integration, tax reporting, etc.

Key Feature

Brightpearl invoice and estimate software have several features that make it an easy tool and excellent invoicing software for small businesses.

  • Automated workflows.
  • Plug & Play integrations.
  • Save time with automation.
  • Do everything in one place.
  • Next-level reporting.
  • Better financial planning & forecasting.
  • Multi-entity capability.
  • Multi-dimensional reporting.
  • Budgeting & planning.
  • Easy VAT returns.
  • Amazon FBA reports.
  • Link to your bank accounts.
  • Accounts payable and receivable reports.
  • Better manage business expenses.


Brightpearl has 2 subscription plans:

  • Monthly subscription: $60 per month.
  • Yearly subscription: $576 per year (save 20%).

What is invoicing software?

Best Invoicing Software is an effective tool that allows you to do payment processing. It can be used as a bill payment service tool. 

The invoice system for small businesses uses bar codes and supports E-signature authentication, so it is highly recommended by many customers who have used it. 

Best Invoicing software allows you to use your computer with a USB interface, allowing you to accommodate all the different computers and devices without any incompatibility. 

Best invoicing software for small businesses is also user-friendly since it is designed to be easy to use and understood by anyone, whether a beginner or an advanced user. 

The software invoice will run on all the operating systems as long as Windows and the Windows Server platform support them.

The use of best invoicing for small businesses has increased in the last decade. The main reason is that it allows businesses to create invoices and track their credit card payments.

Best invoicing software – Summary.

The best invoicing software industry has grown phenomenally in the last few years. This is due to the increasing demand for invoicing software and its growing popularity among small businesses.

Payment software for small businesses allows small business owners to generate quickly, manage, and track invoices. Because of this, it is becoming increasingly popular among small businesses that need to generate invoices faster. 

However, before you can start generating your invoice, there are a few things that you need to know first. 

There are two types of best invoicing software for small business generation. 

The first is the retail invoice generated when customers place an order with your business and pay for it by credit card at your online store. 

The second is the cash invoice generated when customers pay for their items by cash at your store and are paid electronically as per the credit card invoice. 

The two invoices are displayed side by side to you, an e-commerce business owner, on your website or mobile application.

The best invoicing software should be able to create a detailed invoice and track the payment of the client.

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