7 Best Remote Desktop Software (Free and Paid).

Best remote desktop software

You need to be able to access your computers from anywhere.

You can do it with the help of remote desktop software. It allows you to keep your computers connected and accessible at all times. 

If you are away from home or the office, you can use a remote desktop application to connect to your office instead of using a wired connection or a wireless router placed in the office. 

Best remote access software is more than an essential tool for migrating computers to different locations. 

It also provides a great deal of convenience and flexibility. The best remote desktop software is necessary for any computer user’s setup and can quickly be built into every desktop. 

Remote access tools are a great way to communicate with your team and share knowledge from across the globe.

In this article, we’ll go over some of the best remote desktop software out there so that you can find the perfect one.

Let’s get started.

What is the best remote desktop software?

By the end of this guide, you should have a much clearer idea of which best remote desktop software will be the most appropriate for your needs.

1. Zoho Assist. (Free lifetime)


Zoho remote desktop online Assist is a one-stop cloud access software to allow you to manage your users remotely. 

The remote desktop app provides comprehensive remote support and access to help desk solutions for your business using the latest technology.

Zoho remote control software allows you to quickly and easily deploy a custom application that supports your needs. 

You can create a custom application that meets your unique needs, download and install the module, then use it to connect remote users to your application.

Zoho offers a lifetime free version of the best free remote access software, the product you need to manage your business’s growth and success. Zoho remote access tool allows you to access your computer from any location.

Key Feature

  • Instant Remote Support: File transfer from one computer to another, instant chat, scheduling sessions, multi-monitor navigation, and voice and video chat are just some of the things that help online marketers to boost their sales with all the advantages of a tool.
  • Unattended Remote Access: Unattended access is the ability to remotely access computers without needing to be at the other end. remote pc software helps you manage computers remotely and efficiently.
  • Screen Sharing: Collaborate with customers in real-time where your interaction is immediate, and you can be more productive. With Zoho Assist, you can share your screen across any number of devices.
  • Session recording: Zoho Assist is the world’s first online, cloud-based, multi-device, and multi-user recording solution. It is an easy remote desktop comprehensive solution for video, audio, and voice recorders.
  • Security: Zoho Assist is a web-based software that can research, plan and collaborate on all things security. best remote desktop is completely web-based, with no installation required at either end. It traverses major web proxies, allowing users to access any computer inside or outside their local network securely.
  • Customization: Zoho remote access tool is a complete service offering for your technicians. It helps you manage your technicians, assign them to clients, and track their performance. You can also rebrand your account, get detailed reports of the sessions, and maintain your brand identity.


Zoho is the best free remote desktop software for a lifetime.

It has 2 types of plans:

(1) Remote Support

  • Standard: $10 per month.
  • Professional: $15 per month.
  • Enterprise: $24 per month.

(2) Unattended Access

  • Standard: $10 per month.
  • Professional: $15 per month.

The amount shown is the price per month, billed on an annual basis.

2. GoToMyPC.


GoToMyPC is remote desktop access software designed to help you securely access all your important data and files from anywhere. 

With GoToMyPC’s powerful browser-based interface, you can easily browse through your files, look for certain types of information with ease, and even download.

GoToMyPC remote access software is a software solution for remote access with a web browser that provides full-screen mouse control, screen zoom, and full keyboard access.

With GoToMyPC mobile apps, you can connect 3G, 4G, and Wi-Fi networks anywhere in the world. You can also use it to share files between your PC and iPad.

Key Feature

  • Access Your Work from Home: GoToMyPC is a powerful and intuitive remote access software that lets you work on your files, applications, programs, and network from any computer from anywhere.
  • Increase Productivity: GoToMyPC is a leading provider of remote desktop access and software solutions for home and small and medium-sized businesses. The company’s suite of products, applications and services helps customers protect the confidentiality, secure networks, control access to remote assets, provide high-performance remote computing solutions, and manage workflows with ease.
  • Enhance Security: GoToMyPC is software that allows you to be more secure while using your computer. best remote access protects your data by encrypting them on the client side and making them inaccessible to the server. Secondly, it provides multi-factor authentication (MFA), which means you have to give 2 separate usernames and passwords to log into the account.
  • Ease of Use: For your job, a meeting, traveling, or just working on the computer, you’ll always have access to all the tools you need from a single interface. No more fumbling through menus of multiple applications and browsers. Just one GoToMyPC software remote desktop application for everything.
  • Quick Setup: Getting started with a GoToMyPC assistant is simple and free remote computer access. GoToMyPC team takes care of all the technical aspects and makes it easy for you to create the best content. They have a great customer support team available 24/7, 365 days a year, to answer any questions or help you get started with your Quick Setup.


Start with a Free 7-day trial; no credit card is required.

  • Personal: $28.00 per month. 
  • Pro: $26.40 per month.
  • Corporate: $22.40 per month.

The amount shown is the price per month, billed on an annual basis.

3. AnyDesk.


Anydesk remote computer access software has made working from the comfort of your own office possible. You can work from any device and access files and applications wherever you are on the planet.

AnyDesk is a pc remote access software that helps you work faster and more efficiently by giving you the freedom to work where you want when you want. With no installation or configuration, you can launch any application from the desktop computer on your network and take advantage of it. 

How does it work? It’s pretty simple: With AnyDesk, you can connect to any desktops or laptops on your network (provided they are running Windows XP or higher) while they are open and in use – whether they’re at home, at a meeting, or while you’re on the road – to find the files you need. AnyDesk is remote desktop free software, and it’s Windows-only.

Key Feature

  • Access & Control: AnyDesk is a next-generation multi-platform and cross-device management solution. It provides the most effective and advanced unified remote desktop services for any application, including web applications, mobile apps, data centers, networks, and other remote environments.
  • Administration & Customization: AnyDesk remote desktop software for windows is one of the leading technology solutions for IT administrators. Users can add value to their company with a single application with a flexible user interface and features that work seamlessly with multiple administrative tasks.
  • Security & Privacy: AnyDesk is a highly secure cloud-based application designed to help you in your day-to-day work. It is highly feature-rich and has built-in security features such as two-factor authentication, password reset, virtual desktop, and more.
  • Collaboration: AnyDesk is a cloud-based software that helps you build a team of virtual human beings. It also allows you to collaborate with your team and co-workers easily.


You can try free remote desktop management for 14 days for professional use.

There are three anydesk cost plans:

  • Essentials: $9.90 per month.
  • Performance: $19.90 per month.
  • Enterprise: $29.90 per month.

The amount shown is the anydesk price per month, billed on an annual basis.

4. LogMeIn.


LogMeIn pc remote control software is for remote access to computers over the internet. 

It allows users to view and edit files remotely on their PCs or Macs and transfer files from one computer to another over the internet.

With LogMeIn best remote access software for small businesses, you can work from anywhere. At the click of a button, your company’s employees and partners can log into your desktop or laptop and access your files from anywhere—or do the same for you. 

LogMeIn offers comprehensive domain protection, extensive file transfer options, and more. Your company is secure, and your business can stay productive.

Remote access software for business is a very common need. Many users now use their smartphones to access remote servers and servers in the cloud. This makes it even more important to have a reliable remote access tool.

Millions of users use this software daily, including many IT professionals who need remote access tools when they work on multiple computers simultaneously or have no access to their desktop computer at home.

Key Feature

  • LogMeIn Remote Desktop Software to make simple browsing of your most commonly visited websites, cloud, and desktop applications easy.
  • Remote access to your remote utilities for windows or the best remote desktop mac is one of the most important tools in your arsenal for any serious web developer, programmer, designer, or anyone working on the web.
  • LogMeIn’s best remote support software can allow you to access your computer desktop anywhere, anytime.
  • LogMeIn is the leading solution for remote desktop access. It’s a secure, easy-to-use, and highly customizable platform that allows users to connect to any other computer or device anywhere in the world.
  • LogMeIn remote desktop management software allows one to access all of their files from anywhere and does so easily. It is the perfect tool for anyone who needs to access those files from home, a meeting, or a hotel room. The software is available for Mac, Windows, and Linux.
  • LogMeIn’s best remote help desk software is a perfect tool for printing documents, presentations and reports. It allows you to easily create digital images and print them to the nearest printers.
  • LogMeIn’s best Remote Desktop Software gives you the ability to work virtually on multiple computers. You can also schedule and manage your work remotely, saving time and allowing you to focus on what matters.
  • LogMeIn’s best Remote Desktop Software offers high security and protection against all cyber-attacks to ensure your computer is safe while you are away.


Choose the pro plan that works best for you.

  • Individuals: $30 per month.
  • Power Users: $70 per month.
  • Small Businesses: $129 per month.

The amount shown is the price per month, billed on an annual basis.

5. Parallels.


Parallels can create an environment that helps employees feel at home and work remotely from anywhere in the world.

The technology behind this solution is the Remote Application Server (RAS), designed to eliminate the need for traditional remote access and VPN solutions. 

Parallels allow users to access any device or OS supported by the platform. 

This ensures that users do not have multiple logins and passwords, limiting their productivity and simplifying the user experience.

Parallels best remote desktop software for mac is a powerful application that allows you to windows 10 home remote desktop alternatives on your Intel or Mac without rebooting.

This power tool will help you create a true Windows desktop environment with all the features of Windows but without any of the overhead and complications that come with using a native Mac OS X desktop.

The Parallels workforce is a growing trend in the workplace. This trend is driven by the rise of technology, AI, smart assistants, and automation. It is the best remote desktop software free for 30 days.

Key Feature

  • Parallels increase productivity, improve your organization and make your life easier.
  • The parallel is an operating system for data on clouds. It supports a feature-rich desktop, including the ability to connect to and access data from multiple cloud providers. 
  • The best remote desktop manager offers an easy-to-use approach that makes it easy to configure and manage your remote workforce while providing security out of the box.
  • Parallels have built an enterprise-grade, flexible, and scalable cloud infrastructure solution designed to meet the needs of any business application.
  • Parallels intelligence’s ability to provide intelligent assistance to the business, coupled with the hyper-scale nature of public and hybrid clouds, means that IT departments can move their workloads between public & hybrid clouds without losing productivity or significantly escalating costs.
  • The problem of running two or more instances of the same application on different machines is common. Parallels reduce this problem by combining multiple virtual machines into a single one. It also allows you to use any operating system, not just Windows.


There are no hidden fees.

  • Remote pc free plan: 30-day trial.
  • 1-year subscription: $120.00 ($10 per month).
  • 3-year subscription: $324.00 ($27 per month).

All subscriptions come with 24/7 remote support.

6. Splashtop Business Access.


Splashtop best remote support software for mac is one of the most common features in IoT devices, but it can be challenging to have your appliance working properly without any human intervention. 

Splashtop helps you to keep your IoT device working well. You can manage your device remotely using Splashtop software and see the status of every action performed on your device. 

You can also monitor and control all the devices in your home or office. Splashtop is a fully-featured and easy-to-use remote management tool that anyone with basic computer skills can use. 

Splashtop enables you to share files, images, and other data between computers in your network with just one click.

The major challenge for companies that use 2FA, SSO, and other security (SOC2, GDPR, CCPA, and HIPAA) solutions is to manage the complexity of the various systems required to protect their customers from threats.

Key Feature 

  • Splashtop Business Access is the best solution to integrate security, identity, and billing with your online presence. Splashtop’s advanced security offers an integrated solution that works seamlessly with your existing systems and takes advantage of the latest technologies, such as 2-factor authentication (2FA) and SSO.
  • Splashtop Business Access is a platform that allows you to create, deploy and manage your mobile apps and easily. This platform provides a unified user experience across all devices and platforms. Splashtop Business Access can expand your app’s functionalities with easy multi-device access.
  • Splashtop Business Access is an enterprise-grade video conferencing technology that provides the highest performance, scalability, and reliability. It combines a robust, high-velocity 4k video engine with a highly available network connection and state-of-the-art server management technologies to deliver media quality at 60 frames per second with minimal latency – all for just $5/month.
  • Splashtop Business Access helps business owners and executives manage their time, priorities, and workflows. The company provides tools that allow you to delegate repetitive tasks.


Choose Splashtop business access for individuals and small teams to access their computers from anywhere.

  • Business access solo: $5 per month.
  • Business access pro: $8.25 per month.
  • Business access pro volume licenses:  $6.19 per month.

7. ConnectWise Control.


No matter where you work, how you work, and who you work for, ConnectWise Control helps you serve customers securely, silently, and seamlessly.

ConnectWise Remote Desktop and Mobile support are used by millions of organizations worldwide. And the reason for this is fundamentally simple: it saves time and money.

A remote desktop connection to your Control station is necessary for any automation work and to manage all the network traffic and applications.

ConnectWise has become one of the world’s most recognized enterprise telecommunications solutions providers. Today, it helps many customers organize and manage their businesses from anywhere in the world–and with ConnectWise Control does it confidently that they are working with a company that cares deeply about them and their business.

Key Feature

  • ConnectWise Control Access has security available to all users, regardless of whether you are an admin, user, or guest. This means we can make the most of our virtual infrastructure in a way that provides the best protection for your data.
  • ConnectWise Control is a computer-based remote support tool that helps users manage their networking and Internet-related applications. It is used in tandem with the ConnectWise management program, offering IT administrators and network engineers an easy way to monitor, control, and troubleshoot their networks.
  • ConnectWise Control Support is a web-based control panel for remote desktop software. Using the website and its native desktop client, you can leverage your brand to pitch your customers on all aspects of your business.
  • New management and control features in the Control Support Premium edition have been added to support a variety of remote access and management scenarios.
  • ConnectWise Control Support (CTS) is a free domain-specific cloud service that allows you to manage your control applications. You can set up the CTS host page, host client, and guest client to securely display your security/privacy policies.
  • ConnectWise Control Access has a role-based security architecture that provides an easy way to customize and monitor access to the features and machines needed for users to do their jobs.


It offers a free trial for you to evaluate it and three plans.

  • One: $24 per month (paid annually).
  • Standard: $39 per month (paid annually).
  • Premium: $49 per month (paid annually).

What is a remote desktop software access tool?

The term remote desktop describes software tools used to access a computer from another location.

Remote desktop software access tool is a generic term often used in the industry to refer to any software used to access a computer remotely. 

Several types of remote desktop software are available, including those based on web browsers, graphical user interfaces (GUI), and command line utilities.

the best remote access programs are the ability to access a computer remotely. This is useful in many situations, like when you need to work on your laptop away from the office or when you have to work on your computer at different locations.

It is possible that in some remote locations, it may be difficult for you to use the internet. For example, if you are at an airport or somewhere else where no reliable wireless networks are available. In such cases, installing software called “remote desktop” may be easier, which allows you to connect directly with your computer without going through the internet connection.

Remote access software is used by many people and companies who need remote access while working away from their offices and computers. Some of them even use this software as a replacement for their desktop computers. 

The Graphene security team developed this software and introduced many new features. One of the most useful things this software can do is allow users to watch and listen to any web-based audio or video clips.

Best remote desktop software access tools – Summary.

The best remote desktop apps are powerful tools for accessing the computer and other devices. 

Remote desktop programs allow you to work from anywhere, even if you are not at home. Many remote access tools are available on the market, some of which are better than others.

There are many different ways to work remotely. 

Some people prefer working from home, while others want to be at the office all day. However, the job market is still full of people who want to work from home, where hybrid and remote workers can play.

These digital workplaces provide a platform for remote workers who have to work from a physical location but can also be in an office in the same building. 

The platform provides a secure and collaborative workspace for employees and their employers, allowing them to work better on their projects and share ideas.

If you’re looking for other business tools, check out my reviews of the best machine translation software.

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