7 Best Training Management Software for Your Employees.

Best Training Management Software

Training management software is a great way to organize and run any organization’s training needs. 

Practical training to achieve your business goals and create satisfied customers, partners, and a knowledgeable workforce is essential. 

The best Training Management Software plays a crucial role in achieving these successes.

A part of HR is ensuring that your workers are engaged and well-prepared for the tasks. 

The ability to reskill yourself or top-level employees is a benefit when business demands require that new skills and traits be acquired. It’s an excellent way to meet those demands! 

In this article, I will go over some popular the best Training Management Software and discuss what they have to offer in terms of cost, size, and benefits.

Let’s get right into it.

What Are The Best Training Management Software?

By the end of this guide, you should have a much clearer idea as to which best training management software will be the most appropriate for your needs.

1. Thinkific.


Thinkific offer the ability to create and market your expertise on a single platform. 

Thinkific makes building, validating, and promoting your products or services much more straightforward. 

It protects you against the risk of competition and lets you focus your efforts on creating something customers will use. 

The ability to offer multiple services means numerous people can use the best training development software products at various stages.

The new software management training software can be distributed in various formats and languages. 

The software management training platform is also helpful for internal educational purposes. Thus it allows you to attract and retain the best talent available.

What time of the day will your customers use your course, and how much time do they have? Now you can implement a custom revenue schedule, tracking, and reporting. A pricing schedule will also align courses to the business needs.


Deliver results for your students

  • Live Lessons & Cohorts
  • Assessments & Certificates
  • Progress Tracking
  • Communities & Memberships

Run your business your way

  • Drag & drop website builder
  • Ecommerce included
  • Product flexibility
  • Market & sell

Stand out from the crowd

  • Website themes
  • Advanced customizations
  • Set your domain
  • Connect your tools

Work with people who care

  • Industry-leading support
  • Thinkific Academy
  • A Community of Pros
  • Comprehensive Help Center

Grow your business with no limitations

  • Trusted by the best
  • Open API & Automations
  • Secure Cloud Hosting
  • Enterprise-ready


  • Free – $0 USD/month.
  • Basic – $39 USD/month.
  • Pro – $79 USD/month.
  • Premier – $399 USD/month.

2. LearnDash.


A WordPerfect LMS is an acronym for Learning Management System. 

It has been used in the past as software that can help students to learn and memorize information. It was created by e-learning experts and is still used today. 

The primary purpose of corporate training software is to help the students to learn and memorize information.

LearnDash course content is structured using leading online learning principles to maximize content delivery and increase completion rates.

LearnDash provides online courses on how to improve your performance as a human being and how to improve your productivity as a digital professional.

With LearnDash, you get all the tools necessary to be successful. Everything can be done from your smartphone, from course pricing to sales reports and rentals, at a fraction of the cost.

LeranDash has unique curriculum creation software, Easwhich el, which guides your students through the step-by-step content creation steps, making teaching an exciting time for them. 


  • Create impressive online courses without restrictions.
  • Engage your learners using the best of e-learning.
  • Manage your systems and learners with flexibility and ease.
  • Get access to the fastest and most functional education apps for your phone, tablet, laptop, and more!
  • LearnDash makes WordPress plugins and themes play nice with one another and offers an in-built preloader.


  • Basic – $159 /month.
  • Plus – $189 /month.
  • Pro – $329 /month.

3. TalentLMS.


The TalentLMS significantly focuses on helping companies succeed in their job market. 

They provide the content you need to help everyone, not just big teams but also small groups, take their career to the next level.

Its unique combination of a high-quality platform, excellent training, and premium tools has helped the company achieve significant growth.

What do you do when you have thousands of courses to create and a dedicated team to administer? Let our TalentLMS save time, effort, and money!

Using TalentLMS software, Team members can tailor their learning better and let them focus on what truly matters. Employers benefit from the result in reduced costs and happier staff.


Course management

  • Content-friendly – Build courses from scratch by using all types of media.
  • SCORM, cmi5 & xAPI – Deliver interactive lessons with support for the latest eLearning.
  • Assessments engine – Build a variety of tests with options for multiple-choice.
  • Surveys engine – Build surveys to gain insights into your learners and training.
  • Learning paths – Guide learner growth by restricting the way courses are completed.
  • Files repository – Upload and store files in your account.

Learning delivery

  • Blended learning – Organize instructor-led training either offline in a physical space. 
  • Gamification – Boost learner adoption with badges, points, levels, and rewards.
  • Certifications – Design custom certificates with or without expiration dates.
  • Rich communication tools – Keep learners on track and engaged with private messages.
  • Videoconference support – Offer live training sessions with an integrated.
  • videoconferencing tool Ecommerce – Sell individual courses or offer them via subscription.


  • Reporting – Access extensive reporting about everything happening in your account.
  • Branching – Create as many sub-accounts or branches as you need with one account.
  • User types – Easily fine-tune roles and permissions for different users.
  • Extensible profiles – Add custom info fields to your user profiles or courses.
  • Mass actions – Make administrative tasks a breeze with a variety of mass actions.
  • API – Get the data you need with an extensive Rest-API to communicate. 
  • Single Sign-On – Simplify log-in with support for LDAP and SAML2.
  • Integrations – Simplify processes with native integrations with BambooHR, Salesforce, GoToMeeting, Shopify, and more.
  • Security – Work on a platform big on security with secure communication channels.
  • GDPR-friendly – Easily comply with GDPR by collecting approval.
  • Course store – Buy 100s of premade courses from our eLearning providers.

White labeling

  • Customizable – Use your domain name and logo.
  • Themeable – Customize the look and feel of your account with ready-made themes.
  • Homepage builder – Create a public website on top of your learning portal.
  • Make it yours – Discover everything you can change inside TalentLMS.


  • User interface – Delight users with a responsive design that fits any device. 
  • Web standards – Enjoy a stable experience with a platform built. 
  • Accessibility – Make training accessible to all users with a platform.
  • Infrastructure – Expect a great experience from our blazing fast servers combined.
  • Mobile – Offer activity that’s available on any device.
  • Multilingual – Speak your users’ languages with a platform open in over 30 languages.


  • Free – $0 /month
  • Starter – $69 /month
  • Basic – $149 /month
  • Plus – $279 / month
  • Premium – $459 /month

4. TalentCards.


Bring your people to work smarter, not just faster.

TalentCards can make Microlearning courses. It is becoming more and more popular in every single sector. Microlearning courses help employees take their training for granted and develop skills specific to different roles within your organization.

TalentCards can create a digital training program that includes all the information needed to pass the job test. That goes for videos, manuals, etc.

Easy-to-use software that lets your employees take breaks when they need them.

Training management system software works well with iOS and Android and lets you share your app on their smart devices using the Google Play store.

Keeps track of key performance indicators such as attendance, productivity, tools/training materials usage, etc.


  • An easy-to-use mobile tool for desk-based workers.
  • Create high-impact, low-time-commitment mobile training.
  • Superb technology allows you to train your staff wherever and whenever they are.
  • Train yourself to be better each day.
  • Create engaging eLearning or training courses that your clients will get excited about.
  • The user has downloaded the app and had an enjoyable experience.
  • It is now possible to disseminate a more extensive set of cards and share them using mobile phones.


  • Free – $0 /month
  • Standard – $50 /month
  • Premium – $75 /month

5. GoToTraining.


The virtual learning environment enables attendees to create a virtual classroom before, during, and after the training. 

The session experience is both convenient and engaging.

GoToTraining software can produce content for you from anywhere, anytime, and of any quality.

This is a massive step towards democratizing content creation and business growth.

Tracking training for employees software that helps you improve your learning outcomes.

It enables you to assess your knowledge and skills, track your progress, and organize the necessary resources to approach any subject confidently and efficiently.


Engage from anywhere on any device

  • On your desktop
  • On your phone
  • On your tablet

Prepare your students for success

Before your class

  • Email invitations – share customer invitations through email and social media.
  • Custom registration forms – Capture critical information and learn more about your customers.
  • Integrated payment processing – Charge for your courses and manage registrant payments.
  • Content sharing – Share videos, Powerpoint presentations, and lectures.
  • Mobile training – learn from anywhere by joining training sessions from their phone or tablet.

During your class

  • Screensharing and presenting – Share your screen with your audience for giving in real-time.
  • Breakout rooms – Encourage small group interaction and collaboration with Breakouts.
  • Live tests and in-session polls – Use tests to see how well trainees retain information.
  • Chat – Exchange messages one-on-one or with the whole group.
  • Hand raising – Attendees can get your attention when they need to ask a question.

After your class

  • Cloud recordings – Record your training and upload them to the cloud.
  • Session reporting – See how the course did with detailed reports on session attendance.
  • Certificates of Completion – Reward your attendees and students with Certificates of Completion.
  • Content libraries – Organize training materials, tests, and recordings.


  • Starter – $109 /month
  • Pro – $159 /month
  • Plus – $159 /month

6. Arlo Training Software.


Best software to create online training that allows Course Providers and their staff to develop and complete digital courses using relevant content, tailored according to the learner’s needs and delivered highly efficiently. 

Student Login can support your course as the gateway to our services, including study sections, exams and assessments, self-study courses and tutorials, exam preparation software, and library resources.

A user-friendly interface is a must for employee training management software. 

The user-friendly interface gives employees access to the Arlo from any location via an internet connection.

Arlo has Everything on the website that happens in several places and updates automatically.


  • Create a shortcut to your training website or seamlessly integrate Arlo into your existing site as you wish.
  • Customize forms and accept credit cards, bank transfers, invoice payees, and more.
  • Arlo can constantly monitor sources and download and process information from different websites. Anything that needs repeating is already automated.
  • Manage recurring events and one-off conferences with sessions and options.
  • Pose live exam questions over web conferencing
  • Issues personalized invoices, track payments and integrate records with your accounting system.
  • Store client information, manage relationships in Arlo’s customer database, or integrate with your CRM.
  • Make repeat business easy with self-service portals for learners.
  • Manage approval and renewal workflow. Include a license search on your website.
  • See your business information in real-time and create reports for stakeholders.


  • Simple – $94 /month
  • Professional – $166 /month
  • Enterprise – $223 /month

7. Tovuti LMS.


Tovuti LMS is a cloud-based software that helps content developers to create online training materials. 

It allows them to quickly create training materials, videos, and other web-based content. 

It also has an extensive training library to help you train your employees and customers. 

It provides the foundation for any organization that wants to create web-based content easily. 

 It is the ideal course for those who want to create training materials and videos quickly. 

Some of the features that make this course stand out include:

Video-based learning process allows you to learn with video instead of just text.

Additionally, you are given away to interact with your audience and let them know what you are about to show them.


  • Get live notifications about when new content is available to your business. No more reading emails and seeing news on your phone before you can prepare for work.
  • Adjectives that allow you to craft highly engaging words have been around for a long time.
  • You don’t have to worry about storage. The service is encrypted, your data is secured through SSL encryption, and it is always on your side.
  • You’ve used training manuals with limited success or your notes from past training sessions.


  • 50 Users – $775 / month
  • 250 Users – $945 / month
  • 500 Users – $1325 / month
  • 1500 Users – $1925 / month

What Are Training Management Software?

Training Management Software is software that can help you to manage training and development. 

It is used to track and manage the progress of your training and the quality of your trainees.

When you want to design a training course or online training, it is hard to do so. 

There is a lot of different software to help you design and deliver your course. 

The industry is saturated with it. And because of that, the best course designers in the business will be able to make you money. 

However, most of them don’t work well together. In other words, they do not work like they are supposed to.

Here are my top training center management software-recommendation are :

  • Thinkific
  • LearnDash
  • TalentLMS
  • TalentCards
  • GoToTraining
  • Arlo Training Software
  • Tovuti LMS

Once you put your trust in the hands of that software, everything is done for you. You can rest assured that the product will fulfill all your requirements.

Features Of A Great Training Management Software

  • A User-Friendly Interface
  • Engage from anywhere on any device
  • Deliver results for your students
  • Video conference support
  • learners with flexibility and ease
  • Grow your business with no limitations
  • A Variety Of Course Delivery Options
  • Real-Time Delivery Of New Content
  • Track Employee Progress
  • A Wide Range Of Course Content

Training management software – Summary

Training management software is software that helps companies to train their employees. 

It allows them to track the progress of training and evaluate the performance of employees. 

It also provides feedback on the learning curve so managers can make better employee performance decisions.

Best training development software is a tool anyone can use to manage their training programs, and any company can use it.

The software helps create online training courses, which are interactive and interactive learning materials.

This software’s production of online courses and training programs is relatively easy.

The point of training management software goes as follows: “Training Management Software (TMS)” helps develop excellent quality educational material called a course and teaching any subject.

Here are my top pick software recommendation

  • Thinkific
  • LearnDash
  • TalentLMS

If you’re looking for other business tools, check out my reviews of theBest Field Service Management Software.

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