7+ Best Call Tracking Software Apps of 2022.

Call tracking software

Call Tracking Software Apps to help marketers and business owners understand the campaigns, channels, and keywords that make customers pick up their phones.

Call Tracking Software will enable you to focus on growing revenues and reducing costs.

You might be spending money on the ads you think are working, but with call tracking, you’ll find out that is working Better.

With the right automation tools and systems, you can generate more inbound conversations and thus, make your sales pipeline work super.

In this article, we’ll go over some of the best call tracking software out there so that you can find the one that’s perfect for you.

Let’s get right into it.

What Are The Best Call Tracking Software Apps?

By the end of this guide, you should have a much clearer idea as to which best call tracking software will be the most appropriate for your needs.

1. CallAction.


CallAction is an intelligent call tracking software. 

It allows tracking of the calls made and the people who made them. 

CallAction allows you to create lists of people, groups, or businesses you want to follow up on.

The best thing about this software is that it keeps track of who called you, when they called and what they said. 

It will also track who was on your phone when a called. 

For example, if you have a notepad application that is open next to your phone as you call someone, CallAction will record all the essential chats that happened while on the go.  

CallAction will also track who was on your phone when you connected with a new number. 

Instead of constantly looking at the screen to see who called whom, CallAction will tell you which numbers belong to whom.


  • Drip Campaign System
  • Sales Dialer System
  • Call Capture System
  • Text for Info System
  • Call Broadcast System
  • Engagement Automation System
  • Holiday Campaign System
  • Lead Enrichment System
  • Lead Router System
  • Lead Tracking System


Signup for Your FREE 14-Day Trial Now.

  • TEAM PRO – $499 / MONTH  

2. CallRail.


CallRail is a call tracking software that helps companies to track the calls made by their customers. 

It also provides a way for companies to analyze the calls and find out what they are doing with their customers.

This implies that companies can monitor the calls and understand if their customers are getting what they want or not and when a user is trying to reach them for an urgent reason.

It allows knowing when the customer is placing his call, who he is talking with and where the phone number of the person calling is.

The software is the modern way of tracking the customer. This can measure a customer’s time on his phone and where he is calling from.

The advantage here is that you can see in real-time which number people are calling, who they are speaking with and what they are talking about on their phones when they call. 



See a complete history of every interaction a caller has with your business

  • Detailed insights on your customer’s journey
  • Pinpoint the interactions that lead to conversions
  • Make data-backed decisions

Real-time insights on callers

  • Get a live look at your inbound and outbound calls

Capture full session details for callers with visitor-level call tracking

  • Track which keywords are driving phone calls
  • See what happens before, during, and after a call

Meaningful insights without complexity

  • Create unique phone numbers for individual campaigns
  • Get caller ID details and a complete caller history

See a complete history of every interaction a caller has with your business

  • Detailed insights on your customer’s journey
  • Pinpoint the interactions that lead to conversions
  • Make data-backed decisions

Real-time insights on callers

  • Get a live look at your inbound and outbound calls

Capture full session details for callers with visitor-level call tracking

  • Track which keywords are driving phone calls
  • See what happens before, during, and after a call

Meaningful insights without complexity

  • Create unique phone numbers for individual campaigns
  • Get caller ID details and a complete caller history

Review calls at any time with call recording

  • Coach your staff and qualify leads
  • Stay compliant with call recording regulations
  • Add an extra layer of intelligence to your calls

Get visibility into high-quality leads

  • Never miss information again
  • Customized to keep you focused on your customer
  • Keep your entire team informed

Place outbound calls with your tracking phone numbers

  • Optimize for the fastest lead response time
  • How CallRail’s outbound calling works
  • Record your team’s outbound calls

Reach leads and customers with business text messaging

  • Respond to leads instantly
  • Send text messages from CallRail’s mobile app
  • Track text messages like clicks
  • Create templated responses for faster follow-up


3. Hubspot.


This is all about easing the pain of planning and making sales calls. 

Hubspot will focus on the different mobile apps that can be used to create a mobile phone call, while the web app will allow users to record a call and upload it into their account.

HubSpot call tracker is a tool that helps you track and analyze the times you spend on calls. 

It allows you to see how your time is spent and how it compares to others. Time. You can also see how much time was wasted on a specific call or when the call started and ended.

Sales calls are a critical part of sales strategy. However, most CRM systems are not designed to automate them. By using Hubspot, you can automate your sales calls. 

Just remember that automation is not a replacement for good planning but helps during planning and execution.

The following steps should help you fine-tune and optimize your CRM system to handle automated sales calls:


Prioritize your day’s sales calls with data from your CRM.

  • Accurate data in your CRM will help you prioritize your calls, manage conflicts between the marketing and sales teams, engage with prospects interested in your products or services, optimize customer service, and more.

Place calls directly from your desktop browser

  • The app automatically detects where you are in the world and connects you to the number you need.

Automatically track and log sales calls in your CRM

  • Sales calls have never been so easy to follow. Salesforce CRM offers digital reporting, continuous contact recording, and calls history tracking. You can perform automated logic to identify sales leads or events and keep them in your sales pipeline.


Hubspot Call Tracking is a free product that offers all the features you need to get started.

4. Phonexa. 


Phonexa call tracking tools allow companies to manage their call center operations better. 

With Phonexa Call tracking Automation, companies can track all incoming and outgoing calls, manage calls through marketing automation and track the performance of a campaign in real-time.

A tracking and distribution solution is the key to marketing success. 

With a suite of tools designed to deliver data from multiple sources, you can use your data to make strategic marketing decisions. 

Engage, analyze, and optimize with a singular suite of tracking tools ready for action.

Track inventory, promotions, and transactions with a total solution at your fingertips.


  • Call Analytics
  • Call Tracking
  • Interactive Voice Response
  • Predictive Modeling
  • Ping Post Calls
  • Ping Tree
  • Call Recording
  • Toll-Free and Vanity Numbers
  • Professional Recordings
  • Partnership Call Management
  • Automatic Call Distribution
  • API and Third-Party Integrations
  • Sophisticated Filtration System
  • Voice Recognition
  • Real-Time Reporting


LITE SUITE – $100 / month

PREMIUM SUITE – $500 / month


5. CallTrackingMetrics. 


What is CallTrackingMetrics?

CallTrackingMetrics is a call-tracking software that helps companies understand the performance of their phone calls. 

It helps them know how many calls they made and how long each call lasted. 

The software also includes a “Caller ID” feature, which tracks who is calling your company, what time zone they are from, and even provides you with their social media profiles.

CallTrackingMetrics have Conversational analytics is a relatively new but rapidly evolving technology that can help companies measure the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns. 

This technology is capable of tracking conversions and driving ROI. 

This measurement form helps businesses understand how customers interact with their ads and what they respond to, so they can adjust campaigns accordingly.


  • Multi-Channel Call Attribution
  • Explore Your Tracking Options
  • Go Beyond the Phone Call
  • The Case for Intelligent Automation
  • Capitalize on Customer Conversations
  • Improve the Caller Experience


  • Performance – $39 USD/month
  • Growth – $119 USD/month
  • Connect – $329 USD/month
  • Enterprise – Get a Quote

6. Ringba.


With Ringba, marketers can now track and analyze inbound calls, measure the success of each campaign, and optimize their marketing investment. 

In addition, to call tracking and analytics, Ringba also enables marketers to get more out of their media spend with real-time reporting on campaign performance.

 Keyword rankings and stats. Ringba also offers a wide range of marketing integrations for email, social and display advertising, mobile apps, and more.

Ringba is a voice-enabled platform that helps organizations automate their interaction with customers. 

Ringba’s AI-powered technology allows businesses to interact with customers through voice and text, enabling more personalized customer experiences.

The time we spend waiting at the elevator or inline is wasted time. 

Why wait when you can view, group, filter, sort, manipulate and export your data instantly at an unlimited scale with these tools from the cloud.


Purpose-Built for Performance Marketers


Built-In Pay Per Call Framework

  • Real-Time Reporting and Analytics
  • Intelligent Call Routing and Targeting
  • Advanced Attribution Tracking Technology

Everything You Need to Track Inbound Calls



  • Basic – $0 / month
  • Premium – $99 / month
  • Enterprise – Custom price

7. FluentStream.


FluentStream is a call tracking software that can track phone calls and customer service inquiries. 

It allows tracking of the time spent on each call, the number of calls, and the number of customers.

With this software, it is easy to see if you spend too much time on specific calls or not enough time on others. 

You can also see which calls are taking up the most of your time and make changes accordingly.

FluentStream provides a wide range of features that allow businesses to monitor their phone calls and customer service inquiries in real-time. 

FluentStream aim to help small businesses build and maintain a reliable voice service. 

It offers a wide range of highly customizable solutions tailored to your business’s needs. When you work with FluentStream, you will receive personalized customer care from its knowledgeable team members. It offers both phone-based and cloud-based voice solutions. 


Cloud Calling

  • Local Numbers
  • Dial-by-Name Directory
  • Auto-Attendants
  • Automatic Call Recording
  • Call Queues
  • Toll-Free Numbers
  • Feature Codes
  • Voicemail Delete After Delivery
  • Internet Fax
  • Voicemail-to-Email
  • Softphone Support
  • International Calling
  • Email to Fax
  • Zip Code Routing

System Administration

  • Administrative Web Portal
  • Auto-Attendants
  • Automatic Call Recording
  • Dynamic Caller ID
  • Edit History
  • Holiday Scheduling
  • Time Conditions
  • Time Machine


  • Call Queue Statistics
  • Dashboard Reporting
  • Interaction Detail ReportAccess a detailed interaction history on your web portal so you can monitor every client’s call, chat, and ticket histories from one dashboard.
  • Scheduled Reports

Connect On The Go

  • Multi-Office Compatibility
  • SMS
  • Webphone


  • International Conferencing
  • Live Conference View
  • Voice Conference Bridge


  • e911
  • Service Outage Notification
  • Site Offline Detection

Local Area Presence

  • Voicemail Drop
  • Returned Call Routing

Post-Call Survey

  • Voicemail Sentiment Analysis
  • Queue Callback


  • Essential – $20 / month
  • Advanced – $30 / month
  • Complete – $45 / month

8. CrazyCall.


Crazy Call tracking software is a call tracker that helps you to track your incoming and outgoing calls.

Its features include call recording, a smart dialer, and secure cloud storage.

Crazy Call tracking software has many benefits, such as quickly seeing who called you, what time they called you and how long they spoke with you. 

You can also get an overview of all your calls in one place, so it’s easier to keep track of what your team needs to know about their work.

The Click To Call Widget is a new tool that can make hundreds of calls in a single click. This widget makes generating leads easy with an autodialer’s help. 

You can use this widget on any webpage, and this is possible because it has an in-built autodialer. From this widget, it is possible to convert your website into an autodialer. If a user clicks the call button, the call is automatically made on his behalf.


  • Auto Dialer
  • Callback widget
  • Call Monitoring
  • Call Recordings
  • Call Scripts
  • Call Transfer
  • Cheap international calls
  • Click to Call
  • Conference Call
  • Inbound Calls
  • Improve customer experience with IVR


  • PLUS – $30 / month
  • STANDARD – $20 / month

What Are Call Tracking Software Apps?

Call tracking software apps are a type of call management software that records and analyzes the data of incoming and outgoing phone calls. 

Call tracking software apps are used by businesses to monitor, organize, and measure all incoming and outgoing phone calls. The data collected by these apps can be used for various purposes like customer service, sales, marketing, training, etc.

Call tracking software can be divided into two major categories:

  • contact center software and 
  • call center software.

Contact center software organizes, manages, and controls inbound phone calls.

Call Center software is used for outbound phone calls. 

Businesses commonly use these apps in the contact centers, such as airlines, schools, hospitals, call centers, and healthcare organizations.

Call Tracking Software Apps – Summary

Call tracking software apps are a type of customer service software that can help you track and analyze the performance of your customer service reps.

This software can help you see how long each call lasts, the average call time, how many calls are being missed or abandoned, and which customer service reps are providing the best customer service. 

It also provides insights into which phone numbers are most frequently called and when those calls occur.

If you’re looking for other business tools, check out my reviews of the Best Employee Training Software.

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