7 Best Small Business Accounting Software of 2022

Small Business Accounting Software

Small Business Accounting Software is the software that helps small businesses to manage their accounts and finances.

One of the most critical tasks for any business is managing its finances. 

Small Business Accounting Software includes keeping track of income, expenses, taxes, and more. Online accounting software is available to help small businesses with this task.

This bookkeeping software will help you to keep track of all your business’s transactions in one place. You can easily access your data from anywhere and anytime and ensure that everything is up to date.

Here are some of the top best business accounting software options available:

What Are the Best Small Business Accounting Software?

By the end of this guide, you should have a much clearer idea as to which best small business accounting software will be the most appropriate for your needs.

1. FreshBooks.

Freshbooks small business accounting software


FreshBooks is accounting software that helps business owners and accountants independently handle invoices, expenses, payments, and other financial matters. Accounting apps also help them get paid faster.

FreshBooks is the solution for small businesses that want to grow. It is a cloud-based bookkeeping app that enables businesses to manage their finances and keep track of their expenses.

The FreshBooks Business Accounting Software offers various features such as invoicing, time tracking, employee time tracking, and more. The accounts software also has an easy-to-use interface that allows users to manage their business finances.

FreshBooks is the solution for small businesses that want to grow.

FreshBooks provides a free bookkeeping software trial for users to try out the accounting software before buying it.


  • FreshBooks provides Double-entry accounting tools that are becoming incredibly popular worldwide due to the increased number of individuals in more developed economies.
  • They’ll have access to financial reports and information they need at their fingertips and only when needed. This saves time every time they need it!
  • It’s easy to get caught up with the details of the work, and sometimes you even lose sight of why you’re working in the first place.
  • Inviting your accountant to your FreshBooks account with just a few clicks is easy.
  • Automating your invoice processing can help save time, paper, and ink, reduce the risk of human error, and allow you to focus on other essential aspects of your business.
  • The Credits feature of Freshbooks allows you to track prepayments, overpayments, and credit notes. They are applied to future invoices easily and quickly – there’s no need for spreadsheets.
  • Whether you’re self-employed or have employees in your office, FreshBooks is here to help you. They offer a full range of support features that benefit small businesses and corporations.


FreshBooks small business accounting software price
  • Lite – $4.50/month
  • Plus – $7.50/month
  • Premium – $15.00/month 
  • Select – Custom Pricing

Get 70% Off for 3 Months.

2. Zoho Books.

Zoho Books small business accounting software


Zoho Books’ best accounting software provides a comprehensive cloud financial platform to manage your business finances.

It helps you manage all your finances in a single place and keep everything organized. With its intuitive interface, helpful features, and a vast array of integrations, Zoho Books is the perfect solution for your business.

Zoho Books has been designed with the needs of small businesses in mind and offers a variety of features that make it easy for them to run their operations.

Software of accounting helps you manage your business from sales, expenses, payroll, and inventory, making it simple enough for new entrepreneurs to use but powerful enough for large enterprises.


  • Start generating invoices with our sign-up feature to reach new customers and get paid faster with our online payment methods.
  • Creating quotes is easy with our online quote generator. Invoices are also a click away with our online invoice converter.
  • Schedule reports and gets real-time data on the ways your business is doing. Then, you can figure out what to change to optimize efficiency.
  • You can empower your guests to view their transactions in one place. This will be very convenient and an excellent way to streamline sales.
  • Upload your receipts to stay organized and track where your money is going.
  • Generate bill payments to track your bills.
  • You can take all your categories and reconcile them on one screen, which means less paper and less noise.
  • Save time with easy-to-create timesheets and put your whole day in minutes.
  • Monitor inventory levels to identify fast-moving items. Make sure those items are well stocked and in your store so shoppers can easily find them.


Zoho books small business accounting software price
  • Free – $0/month
  • Standard – $10/month
  • Professional – $20/month
  • Premium – $30/month

3. QuickBooks.

QuickBooks small business accounting software


Accounting software has become a necessity in the modern world. With tools such as Quickbooks, companies can now track and manage their finances in a fraction of the time it used to take. Cloud accounting software is easier than ever before.

QuickBooks allows small businesses to keep track of their finances. It’s simple, reliable, and gives users the tools they need to manage their finances.

QuickBooks is an online and offline best bookkeeping app that helps you manage your business quickly and efficiently.

It offers an intuitive interface with features like multiple chart types, reports, graphs, and more.


  • Your account is accessible anytime, using your computer, mobile device, or tablet. Stay organized and manage your business anytime, anywhere!
  • Create customized professional invoices, sales receipts, and estimates that you can send in minutes.
  • QuickBooks Online can save you a lot of time and effort with a straightforward software update. You won’t have to spend hours updating your transactions each month and will be able to focus on other tasks associated with your business.
  • Customizable reports and dashboards have been a growing trend in business for years. People can now monitor the performance of their company online and respond accordingly.
  • Save time by entering bills from your vendors and then making a scheduled payment to them. Make sure that you edit the recurring settings before you save them, so you remember & pay on time.
  • With Clock, you can track time with your employees and billing hours. This way, you’ll be able to include them in your sales invoices automatically.
  • Most app subscriptions are also available with QuickBooks Online.
  • Have the flexibility of control by controlling permissions to access your books. Find seamless collaboration with your accountant by giving them access to what they need with a button.
  • If you have any questions about running your business and will need help, there is support available on the website.


QuickBooks small business accounting software price
  • Simple Start – $8.50/month
  • Essentials – $13.00/month
  • Plus – $18.00/month

 All plans you can trial for 30 days free

4. Accounting Seed.

AccountingSeed small business accounting software


Accounting Seed is one of the most popular accounting software small business solutions available because of its innovative features and robust yet easy-to-use design.

It boasts a user interface that is easy to navigate, has a simple yet intuitive interface, and can be customized to fit the needs of any business.

With this software solution, every account has an individual login, and the solution can be customized to meet your company’s needs.

It synchronizes data between all team members, including accounting & finance personnel. It even includes a range of features that make it secure and easy to use.


  • Your business is complex and unique. Accounting Seed works with your business processes, not against them, and the workflows of various people in your company.
  • Accounting Seed can better guide your company’s decisions when you provide 360-degree views of your business that eliminate uncertainties and errors.
  • It provides a way for all stakeholders to see how data influences their decision-making, including your goals and strategic plan.
  • Accounting Seed provides banks and businesses with the connected data management solutions they need to ensure that the company can provide accurate, complete, and cohesive information.
  • Backed by the strength of the Salesforce platform, Accounting Seed offers the most secure, reliable API in the industry. Our integrated software is a unique and trusted option among accounting providers on Salesforce.


AccountingSeed small business accounting software price

5. ZipBooks.

ZipBooks small business accounting software


ZipBooks accounting software for small businesses is an invaluable tool for your business.

It lets you track your income and expenses quickly and make better decisions about how you spend your time and money.

ZipBooks is the most powerful and easy-to-use software to keep your business organized. It provides an intuitive and beautiful interface that makes it simple for anyone to manage their finances.

A new form of software accounting is rising, including features like invoicing, tracking expenses, and managing finances.

These tools have been made famous by companies like ZipBooks, which make it easy to manage your day-to-day operations and grow your business without hassle.


  • ZipBooks is the best saas accounting software that makes it easy to share information with your accountant. It automatically keeps track of your day-to-day transactions, so you don’t have to take the time to do it yourself.
  • ZipBooks tracks account receivable so that you can keep on top of customer accounts and see when they tend to take longer to pay.
  • Linking your bank account to ZipBooks is a snap. Enter your credentials and decide which statements you want to pull information from.
  • ZipBooks provides an easy way to reconcile all your bank accounts without spending time with a check register. Now you can relax and get on with your day!
  • ZipBooks makes your work easier by eliminating tedious data entry tasks in your bookkeeping process.
  • ZipBooks allows you to use the Chart of Accounts category to keep track of all your different accounts, making it easy for you to stay on top of things.
  • ZipBooks lets you keep track of all those projects, whether they’re large or small. You’ll be able to quickly create, add details and share information with team members.
  • Tagging all transactions related to a location is a way to get the information you need in a snap. 


ZipBooks small business accounting software price
  • Free – $0/month
  • Smarter – $15/month
  • Sophisticated – $35/month
  • Accountant – Custom pricing

6. SlickPie.

SlickPie small business accounting software


SlickPie is an online accounting solution that empowers businesses of all sizes to record, track, and reconcile employee income and expenses through an online dashboard.

Keep your company branded and professional with SlickPie’s invoice templates for invoicing customers. Self-employed accounting software fully supports customization so that you can fit your business’s brand perfectly.

One of the most significant uses for AI is automated scheduling and reminders. For example, SlickPie can send automated payment reminders to clients and manage bills that businesses are responsible for paying.

SlickPie small business software provides businesses with many features to help them save resources, such as better financials, sales tax management, and document uploading.

The accountant’s software also has an unlimited number of simultaneous users, making it easy for your team to collaborate.


  • Access Controls: Access controls are the permissions that allow users to access particular parts of a website or app. small business software is often used to control how users interact with content, such as what they can view and share.
  • Account Reconciliation: Account Reconciliation is a process of reconciling all the transactions in an account. It is an essential part of financial management that helps businesses maintain their accounting records.
  • Accounts Payable: Accounts Payable is a department that helps manage financial transactions and money flow.
  • Accounts Receivable: Accounts receivable are collecting money from customers and other clients. It is a process that involves many responsibilities and tasks, such as making sure that the accounts are paid on time, handling customer disputes, and sending invoices.
  • Activity Dashboard: Activity Dashboard is a tool that helps you track your daily activity, such as steps taken, calories burned, and sleep quality.
  • Automatic Backup: One of the most important aspects of a computer is its backup. You will lose your data forever if you don’t have a backup.
  • Billing & Invoicing: small business software accounting can automate the invoicing process by providing users with a comprehensive list of tasks they need to complete to generate an invoice.
  • Cash Flow Management: Cash flow management is essential to any company’s strategy to ensure they can meet their financial obligations.


SlickPie small business accounting software price
  • Starter – Free
  • Pro – $39.95/month

7. Wave.

Wave small business accounting software


Wave is the one-best small business accounting software for small business owners. The app offers to budget, check writing, invoicing, and more. Tax season is such a hassle.

It is the time of year when you must slog through all your receipts and tax forms to file your taxes. With Wave’s accounting software, you can track income and spending in one place and upload them directly online, so you don’t have to sort through tons of paper.

Best accounting software for small businesses has been designed to make it easy for business owners to take care of their finances in one place.

The app is user-friendly and has a spotless interface. The integrated bill tracker feature makes it easy for business owners to track their most essential expenses on the go. 


  • All you need is an account, and you’re set – we take care of everything. Your content will be saved on our servers and backed up in many places, so your data is always available and secure.
  • The small business budget software has various features that will make your transactions easier to manage, including the ability to connect your bank accounts from a single platform.
  • Our easy-to-use professional reports can help you compile monthly, yearly, or quarterly comparisons so that you can quickly identify money trends.
  • Wave’s segmented feature club helps you to sort out income, expenses, payments, and invoices – so you can focus on what matters most.
  • Pay your quarterly taxes with ease – accountant-friendly software Wave will pre-fill them and make handing your tax work that much easier.


Wave small business accounting software price 1
Wave small business accounting software price
  • Invoicing – $0/month -100% free
  • Accounting – $0/month -100% free
  • Banking – $0/month – 100% free
  • Bank Payments – 1% per transaction
  • Payroll – $35/month
  • Self-service states – $20/month
  • Advisors – $149/month
  • Accounting & payroll coaching – $329/month 

What is Accounting Software for Small Businesses?

Accounting software is a program that helps businesses keep track of their finances and record transactions. Small businesses can use accounting software, but it also has many uses for large enterprises.

Small businesses are increasingly turning to online accounting software to manage their finances and keep track of their day-to-day operations. 

The accounting software is designed to help small business owners to manage their company’s financial activities like inventory, payroll, sales, and customer relations. It can also help with compliance requirements such as the Sarbanes Oxley Act.

Accounting software is a computer program that helps keep track of the accounting records, transactions, and financial information of a business. 

These are some of the benefits that come with using accounting software:

– Reduce time spent on manual bookkeeping tasks.

– Improve cash flow and liquidity.

– Increase productivity and efficiency.

– Increase profitability.

– Increase work-life balance.

Features Of Best Accounting Software for Small Businesses.

Accounting software has been designed to help business owners manage their accounts. 

It is also used for bookkeeping and tax purposes. The features of the best accounting software for small businesses are discussed below.

Features of Best Accounting Software for Small Businesses:

  • Quick and easy navigation: The software should be user-friendly and easily find your needed information. It should have a simple interface with a straightforward design so that users can easily navigate it without any difficulties.
  • Convenient mobile access: The software should be compatible with all types of devices, whether laptops, tablets, or smartphones, so that users can access it anywhere in the world.
  • Ease of use: The software should be simple but still offer advanced features so that users can get all.
  • Multiple devices: The program can be run on various devices, from desktop computers to tablets and mobile phones.
  • Password protection: password protection is a great way to keep your data secure. It’s also an excellent way to protect your privacy and keep your information safe.
  • Customizable calendars: This feature allows users to create their custom calendar views with different fields with a single click.
  • Drag-and-drop: This feature allows users to quickly pick up, move, and drop objects onto calculators or other fields on the forms.

Accounting Software for Small Businesses – Summary.

As technology advances, the need for small business accounting software has also increased. For companies that need to keep track of their finances and have a lot of business transactions, it is essential to have accounting software that can automate the process.

This is where online accounting software comes in. It keeps track of all the transactions and generates reports automatically. 

It also provides backup features, so businesses don’t lose any data if they have a hard drive failure or another computer system problem.

There are two different types of online accounting software:

1) Small business accounting software: This type of account software is usually free accounting software and easy to use but does not provide as much functionality as other types of account programs do. 

2) Accounting software for larger companies: This type of account program is usually easier to use due to its more advanced capabilities but often costs a higher monthly fee.

Two types of small business accounting software are used in the accounting process – accounting software and bookkeeping software.

Accounting software: The business works on accounting software for general ledger, financial statements, inventory control, payroll, and cost accounting. 

Bookkeeping software: Bookkeeping software is used for inventory control, sales recording, invoicing, general ledger, and financial statements.

Online accounting software is a type of online business account software that provides businesses with an easy way to manage their accounts online. 

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